updated / July 2019

Anneliese Schauer
Born near Vienna / Austria / 196
Eye color:   green
Hair color:   brunette
likes:   directness, truth
don’t like:   dishonesty, injustice
Strengths: Determination, targeting and stand by my word
Weaknesses: Sometimes it would be better to bite me more often on the tongue, to pronounce as my thoughts always.

„Sehnsüchte Träume Hoffnungen“
Greife nach den Sternen und irgendwann erreichst du die Milchstraße.
Lebe deinen Traum und habe Achtung vor deiner Vergänglichkeit, denn das Leben hat etwas Besonderes mit dir vor. Woher komme ich, wohin gehe ich, was ist meine höchste Bestimmung auf dieser Erde?
Ich blicke den Menschen offen und ehrlich in ihre Augen und versetze mich in ihre Seele, denn die Augen sind das Fenster dieser Persönlichkeit.
Mit meiner Kunst erzähle ich meine Lebensgeschichte, jeder Mensch hat seine eigene Geschichte, seine eigene Wahrheit, wir sollten den Mut haben und unsere Wahrheit kennen und anerkennen.
Nicht einfach, aber ein wunderbares Erlebnis!

Philosophy of life
„Yearnings dreams hopes“
Reach for the stars, eventually reach the milky way.
Live your dream and have respect for your transience, because life has something special with you.
Where am I, where am I going, what is my highest destiny on this earth?
I look people openly and honestly in their eyes and put myself in their soul, because the eyes are the window of this personality.
With my art, I tell my life story, everyone has his own history, his own truth, we should have the courage and know our truth and acknowledge.
Not easy, but a wonderful experience!

Achte auf Deine Gedanken, denn sie werden zu Worten.

Achte auf Deine Worte, denn sie werden zu Handlungen.
Achte auf Deine Handlungen, denn sie werden zu Gewohnheiten.
Achte auf Deine Gewohnheiten, denn sie werden Dein Charakter.
Achte auf Deinen Charakter, denn er wird Dein Schicksal.
Chinesisches Sprichwort

Watch your thoughts, for become words.
Watch your words, for become actions.
Watch your actions, for become habits.
Watch your habits, for become your character.
Watch your character, for he ist your destiny.
Chinese proverb

Business development / Training

2014 – November
„Carrot and stick“ – Secrets of the Leadership / Christoph Rosenberger – founder of „Rosenberger & Co and Face Reading Rosenberger and of the Austrian umbrella Organisation for physiognomy / „Is being bullied only if the Chief does not admire is …“ / Austria
2013 – July / „Training in anti bullying Coach and Coaching“ /
Academy4socialskills / Mag. Ursula della Schiava-Winkler / Vienna / Austria
2013 – April / „Introduction to nonviolent communication“ after Marshall B. Rosenberg / Trainer – Mag. Gerhard Sprinzel / Caritas of the Archbishopric Vienna / Austria
2007 – June / Mag. art Renate Jindra Metal – freelance artist – lecturer – teacher / ceramics / pottery / Academy monastery Geras / Austria
2007 – September / Kurt Allmer – a freelance painter – lecturer – teacher / porcelain painting / Academy monastery Geras / Austria
From 2006 self-taught, literary activity / fact reports
2006 – March / Günther Reil – Freelance painter / Nude study / Nude model Sonja / Austria
Course Manager Anneliese Schauer
Brought Closer the children of the LAAKI-Nursery School (Pro Juventute) painting.
2005 / April
Pastel chalk drawings on paper.
2005 / July
Landscape painting / watercolor pens on aquarell paper / Mühlbach – Laa/Thaya / Austria
Landscape painting in Mikulov (CZ)
2005 / August / September
Intensive Seminar of artistic folk high School in Vienna, Lazarettgasse;
Painting and drawing in Mikulov –
Director Gerhard Hermanky and Jitka Plesz.
Experimental painting with Udo Hohenberger
Hotel Krokodyl, final exhibition of the resulting works / Mikulov /
September / October 2005 / (CZ)

2004 November – 2005 July / Maria G. Dulosy – freelance artist / how to mix the color / pastels, watercolor and acrylic – course / Austria
1970/1971 first time Course Real high School / Austria

I have been self-taught since my earliest childhood.
Also I began very early to write, the experiences of my childhood stories of my life.